Cannabis And Workout Recovery: How Weed Can Help You Recover?

These days, a lot of sports people acknowledged that they use or have been using cannabis as the main weapon for the post-workout recovery. But how is it even possible that Post workout CBD treatment can help your body? Do you get high? Well, yes, you do get high but the amount of relaxation your muscles get during the intake of CBD is enormous.

In addition, your psychological state also gets the relaxation and therefore, your entire system cools down and prepares for recovery. So, how cannabis help you with the post-workout relaxation? Generally speaking, there are 3 ways that can help you but you should make sure that your state where you live in allows medical use of cannabis.

It reduces sore muscle and inflammation

The first thing that you will experience with cannabis consumption after the workout is less sore muscles and pain from the workout. CBD, as well as THC, are the main ingredients of cannabis and these, once get in the body, start to jump on endocannabinoid receptors that we have in our body naturally.

Marijuana Plant

Fresh Marijuana Plant

It is proven that cannabis reduces Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and has anti-inflammatory abilities so there is no possibility that you will not feel better after the consumption. You can buy cannabis gels, drinks or even pure tinctures. However, the best way to get relaxed your body and mind is to take a heavy indica strain that is rich in CBD, which will put you in the sleep mode right after the consumption.

It stimulates the appetite

Cannabis is a known appetite stimulator and it has been used for various food-related conditions including anorexia. The popular “munchies” are the side product of cannabis consumption that barely anyone can resist to. Your body has hormone ghrelin, which is the main trigger for hunger.

When your stomach is empty, the body increases the production of ghrelin and you feel the need for food. Cannabis, upon consumption, triggers this hormone and makes you feel hungry. Now, when you finish your exercise, it is very likely you will not feel hunger for a while, but as you know, it is important to eat as soon as you finish the workout. This is where cannabis steps in and stimulate your appetite through the ghrelin hormone.

Relaxes mind and takes away nausea

Workout makes your mind work faster and that results in being tired or sleepy sometimes but you can also feel a bit nauseous after a hard workout. After you vape cannabis, which is the best method of consumption, CBD and THC flow through your bloodstream, traveling to the brain where the compound molecules attach to the cannabinoid receptors that stimulate mood and reduce the pain as well.

Marijuana Pills

Bottle Of Marijuana

At the same time, the urge for vomiting in case of nausea expels and your mind begins to go back to normal mode. If you can combine cannabis treatment with a massage, you will not remember the post-workout pain at all.


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