Semester Projects

Semseter A

  1. Inherited Disorders Mini-Research Paper:
  2. As part of the AP biology curriculum you will complete a short research paper (2-3 pg) on one of the thousand inherited disorders. Upon completing this assignment you should be able to demonstrate knowledge of a particular inherited disorder as well as gaining knowledge on how to conduct research and create a bibliography.

  3. Book Report:

    You will choose a book from a list of books I have compiled. Many are classics Like Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, while others are more recent in publication such as Rebecca Skloot's The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. In addition to the non-fiction books on the list, I have added a few fiction/ science fiction books for you to choose from. After reading the book you will write an essay discussing the book in relation to the eight themes, as well as commenting on the author’s style and how well they made their point. If you choose to read a fiction book you have a tougher assignment. In addition to the above requirements, you also must analyze the science in the book and compare good vs. bad science. An additional component of this assignment is to create an original book cover for your book.

    Look here for some Samples of student book reports.

    What Book are you Reading? a Google Docs form to see what your classmates are reading. Enter your book here. See what others are reading here.

Semester B

  1. Bioethics Research Paper and Presentation:

    You are required to complete a research paper on a current bioethical issue. Upon completing the paper, your knowledge of a biological topic and the problems/ concerns it presents affecting society will be broadened. You will gain increasing knowledge of how to conduct research and write an effective paper. Furthermore, this paper is a chance to show me how much you learned this year and how affectively you can integrate the eight themes of biology. Student papers are generally six to eight pages in length and discuss a variety of topics including; stem cell research, epigenetics, and responsibilities scientists have to the public. This paper is the culminating assignment for the year. This assignment will allow you to pull together the many topics discussed this year and connect them to something real. In addition to the written paper you will create an 8-10 minute presentation for the class.

    Look here for some past Bioethics student papers and presentations.

Special Projects

  1. Oil Spill Project