Paper Models in Science

Scientists use models to represent concepts or things that are too slow, too fast, too big, far away, too complicated or just too dangerous to observe in the real world. Models can take the form of an equation, picture, or an actual physical model. In my science classes I often use physical models to represent processes and as a way to develop students kinesthetic learning abilities. One of the cheapest ways to introduce models into a science class is through the use of paper craft. Paper craft and folding paper has a rich history. Origami can trace its origins back several centuries in Japan. Other forms of paper craft have origins in Korea and later China. There are several sources of paper models on the internet. Some site such as Fiddlers Green charge for most of their content, but do offer some free models. Some of the best sources I have found for free models are distributed by many of the printer manufacturers. They offer lots of paper craft ideas and templates that you can download and print for free.

Tools for paper modeling

Modeling resources

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