Books On Education in America

One of the many issues that appear in American society is what the next Secretary of Education will do for our educational system. However, this debate seems to last for ages, while our educational system is in flux, which is hurting hundreds of thousands of students.  On, the other hand, if you want to prepare to guide our children, then you should start exploring books on education in america.

This will help you educate yourself on how this system works and whether it is appropriate for our students. There are numerous books out there, and here is a couple of them which are excellent for this task.

American Education – A History by Wayne J. Urban and Jennings L. Wagoner, Jr.

This books should be your starting point, and it describes in details the history of American education. You will be learning from the pre-colonial days, including the Native American culture. The book deals with the significant education movements in each era, and it traces all the steps how we got to where we are today.

American Education can help teachers a lot, mainly learning about the history of educations, which can help you boost up your teaching skills and make a difference between now and then.

Savage Inequalities by Jonathan Kozol

The Savage Inequalities explores the funding gap between schools in affluent areas and those in poor ones. The book addresses whether or not our educational system is the same between these two areas, and whether it provides equal opportunities for the students.

The writer spent two years exploring the country, interviewing teachers, superintendents, and students. So, whether you are working in any of these two mentioned areas, this book can help you learn about various environments and implement new teaching methods.

What Does It Mean to be Well Educated? by Alfie Kohn

This book includes a series of essays about our education system, which is focused on scores and grades. Considering the tests, they continue to be standard, and both teachers and students are judged on things they are losing. The main question this book tries to respond are the issues we are still focusing on, and what types of systems we can explore to evaluate and score the students?

“What does it mean to be well educated” may change your perspective about the grading system and you may develop new skills, which will be beneficial for your students.

Waiting for “Superman” – How We Can Save America’s Failing Public Schools by Karl Weber

You can read the book, but also watch a documentary with the same title. It explores the knowledge of educational reform. Many experts also offer their insight, suggestions, and recourses to help readers and teachers.

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