Everything You Need To Know About Staying On Student’s Campus In Australia

Australian universities are well-known and recognized all over the world and no wonder that many people from all over the world come to attend and study there. The majority of them opt for IT and computer science, MBA, economics and biology, while the other fields are not forgotten as well.

Still, when they decide to come to Sydney, the first thing is to look for the Student Accommodation near Sydney Uni as they want to be close to the university, at least for the start until they learn the city better. We have prepared a small guide for your stay as a student in this country to make things easier for you!

The shared house or campus?

We all sometimes want to have the freedom to do whatever and whenever we want, but the prices, for an average student, are not that welcome. Depending on the program/campus you enroll at, you will have 3 meals per day, 7 days a week, while you will not have that in the shared house (private accommodation).

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Roommate In University

Additionally, the shared houses produce costs like electricity, internet food and so on, while staying on campus includes all this. However, the budget for private/shared house is around A$ 350 per week, while on campus this might be up to A$ 600! Still, you get everything for that price and you do not need to drive around by bus to get to the lecture.

Furnished or unfurnished house?

This is something that varies. Shared houses are a b`etter choice for those who have their own stuff or have enough cash to pay for all the things. You will need to buy linen, desks, chairs, washer, tables, fan and so on. This can be well above A$ 2,000, which is a lot of money for a student, especially if you add the delivery cost for all those items.

The furnished houses have everything but the rent is going to be high. Anywhere from A$ 350 to A$ 650 per week, depending on the location and the neighborhood. So, we have to say that this is something you might want to decide as there is no universal rule for this. Still, the campus is better as you get everything ready and you pay a weekly price without worrying whether you have something or you don’t.

Think of time and transportation

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Three Student’s In Front Of University

If you decide to live in a shared house instead of a campus, have in mind that you need to be time-efficient as you cannot be late for your classes. Add on that A$ 35 of weekly transportation costs and you will understand that living in a classy house that is not close to the university might not be a good choice. When you live on campus, you not only save money on transportation, but you save yourself a lot of time.

In a nutshell – what to choose?

You can answer this question only. But if you ask us, we highly recommend living on campus. It is much easier, especially for the newcomers, as you can find the help you need anytime, not to mention that you do not have to go anywhere. Still, if you want an adventure, then living in a private home somewhere in the city is your choice!


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