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Whether you are experiencing online learning for the first time, or you are an experienced teacher, nowadays, you can find online lessons that will match your needs. Are you a “face to face” classroom teacher, who is considering the higher learning free online, or are you interested in new technologies?

For instance, some of the online schools, offer free training for teachers to help them shift to cyber-classrooms, which is an excellent addition for all people who are new to this. So, here are a couple of course that we found useful.


Michigan State University founded a Virtual University Design and Technology website where you can find the text-based lesson. They offer various topics, including pedagogy and best practices. In this case, you don’t have to be present for every class, and you can use online content whenever you like.

You will be offered with the enlivening techniques, course structure and design, and hybrid courses. This is an excellent way to boos up your teaching career, improve your methods, and learn something new.

Learning to teach online video & PDF lessons

COFA online developed this project, and it is part of an academic unit of the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. The course is designed to be practical and comfortable and it should help teachers use their time wisely while teaching. We all know how challenging it can be when you are trying to fit too much content into one class.

However, each video and PDF lesson examines successful online teaching strategies from various disciplines. Here you will find numerous tips, guidance, and ways to avoid potential errors. And the best of all, the platform offers you more than 50 free lessons through iTunes.

The provides you with fee-based distance learning option using an innovative, informative, and efficient video lessons and quizzes. For each lesson, you will get a free transcript, which is an excellent addition.  Both students and teachers can use this course, and you can check out a couple of chapters, for instance, Psychology, and Educational Psychology.

In this case, you will learn how to apply psychology in the classroom and research classroom strategies. You will also explore motivation in learning, like social-cognitive learning theory and assessment of learning. One of the things you should also pay attention is the Instructional Pedagogy, such as collaborative learning and wait time.


Coursera is one of the websites that partners with the universities and organizations around the world. Here you can find a variety of topics in their database. This website is a powerful tool for online education. One of the best features this site offers are courses from different high-end universities, museums, and trusts.

This is one of the reasons why this site is so popular and gives a wide range of in-depth courses. Coursera is a handy web page if you are looking to study different topics, if you want to explore different schools and age groups.


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