How to Become a Science Teacher?

Students who want to continue their career in science education have a couple of ways to achieve this goal. Science teachers play a significant role in making and developing future leader in science and technology. So, you must be wondering how to become a science teacher?

A teacher can be certified to teach in elementary school, middle school, or high school. Considering the higher grade levels, teachers can be certified to teach in colleges, and those classes focus on specific areas, such as biology, earth science, animal science, physic, or chemistry. So, here are a couple of tips which can help you.

How to become a science teacher?

To become working as a science teacher in a public school, you must acquire a teaching certificate or license from your state with an endorsement to teach science. In most cases, teachers major in a subject they want to teach. For instance, you can choose biology or physic and complete a state-approved teacher preparation, which is part of your bachelor’s degree. So, here is the typical route:

  1. Earn a bachelor degree in the desired program and complete a teacher preparation
  2. Complete the internship in a science classroom at grade level
  3. Take the required tests which are obligated for all educators
  4. Apply for a teaching license
  5. Start applying for open positions for science teachers

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in a desired filed and you want to teach, but you didn’t finish a teacher’s preparation program, then you will be eligible for alternative certifications. In the majority of states, with a master’s degree, you can also qualify for this position. However, your degree has to include an approved teacher preparation component.

Salary and jobs

Based on some statistics, teachers earn an annual salary of $54.550. On the other hand, middle school teachers make around $55,860, while secondary school teacher can get $57,200. When we are talking about the postsecondary level, you can expect to earn $75,320.

There is a high demand for science teacher on the market, so you shouldn’t worry about your future employment. You can inquire about the positions at your local school, search jobs online.

Top science blog you should explore

By reading, blogs can provide you with excellent insight on what to expect and what is like to work as a science teacher. They can help you in your career in science education, and you can learn about the latest issues in this branch.

Here are a couple of blogs that you might find interesting: Action-Reaction, Teaching High School Psychology, Little Miss Hypothesis, Science Education on the Edge, Teach Science for All, Adventures with the Lower Level and many others.

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