How to Get a Job in Science Education and Outreach?

Are you passionate about science and you want to share your love with others? Are you a licensed science teacher without a job? Do you know how to find a science education job? Science educators are much-needed asset nowadays because they break down the complicated science concept into simple tasks.

There are a lot of positions you can apply to, for instance, working in public schools, organizations, science camps, and enrichment programs. But, before you get a job, you must fulfill specific requirements, and if you are considering a career in a diverse field, then it’s essential to know what the job entails, so you’ll know what to expect.

The skills you will be asked to demonstrate

In most case, you will be asked to show your skills and offer a demonstration, especially if you are applying for a science museum. Also, you will be teaching in either a classroom setting or small groups on site. You will need to create a curriculum and assemble education material, which involves a lot of writing and in some cases manage the programs, if you are working at science fairs and exhibition.

Where can you find these jobs?

You can find science teaching related jobs in a lot of places. Depending on your geographic locations, some include:

Private and public school, K-12 – traditional teaching level and more global level

Colleges and universities – both regular faculty position and leadership position

Zoos and museums

Industry – divisions that are focused on the outreach, community involvement, providing recourses to schools and so on

Extension – the majority of land-grant universities offer a lot of community of extension programs, some of them are focused on agriculture, nutrition, and office-based jobs

Non-profit organizations – educational courses for children and adults

Entrepreneurial – you can choose to build your own business in this filed

The requirements of these positions

Whether you want to teach in school, or you want to another route, you must be able to talk about the science in general, know about hot topics, newsworthy, etc. So, to prepare for these positions, you can consider mentoring a summer student and talk about your science on a different level.

Also, you should give as many presentations as you can and volunteer as a speaker. Another thing that will help you is reading broadly about science.

Knowledge of education/outreach

You should mentor a graduate or a summer student, consider taking a course in pedagogy, this will help you develop additional skills and improve your work with students. Make sure to teach a class, or even a lecture in an undergraduate classroom and participate in judge science fairs, join a speakers bureau, volunteer for National Lab Day.


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