Qualifications to Become a Science Teacher – science teacher requirements

Science is one of the topics student either love or hate. When you are a science teacher, you need be able to teach both types of students and make them interested in your subject. On the other hand, the education and required training to become a science teacher will help you develop the necessary skills and transfer them to your students. Considering the science teacher requirements, you will need to complete a couple of steps, before you can become a licensed science teacher.

Once you get your license, you will be working with students in different age groups and maybe become responsible for future scientists, which is a huge responsibility.

Education and training

If you select the traditional route to become a science teacher, then this involves getting a bachelor’s degree in science education. On the other hand, many teachers choose an alternative route. Some of them have a bachelor’s degree in a specific area, but have taken additional classes to earn teacher’s certification, or have pursued a master’s degree.

Each of these options is designed to help you get the necessary decertification so that you can teach science at school. Each state has a specific rule; you should check them out before you proceed further. Once you are certified, you must continue taking science education – related course if you want to advance in your career.

Scientific knowledge

While you may have acquired a degree in physics and hope to land your first job as a physics teacher, that may not always be the case. In addition to specific knowledge, you should know about various types of science. This involves taking a couple of courses in biology chemistry, earth science, and anything related to your subject.

In this case, you will be prepared for multiple positions, and you can teach whatever school needs you. By having a background in multiple areas, you will increase of chances of employment. You will become a prospective teacher who has experience in multiple fields and doesn’t only wait for physics teacher position.


When it comes to certifications, they vary from state to state, but the majority of them requires you to complete a teacher’s preparation program, and take at least one certification exam. Some countries have their exams, but the majority of them uses Praxis series.

For example, if you want to teach science at the elementary or middle schools, then you are required to take a general science exam. However, if you wish to teach on a higher level, at high school, then you will have to take a general science exam, and one specific exam which is focused on physics, biology, or chemistry.

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